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Victorias Secret Fashion Show NSO Entertainment

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
(Nov 28th, Shanghai)

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is an annual televised lingerie fashion show on CBS. The show features Victoria’s Secret fashions and models, which are among some of the most well-known, and generally accepted as sexiest, in the world.

The show is more lavish than an average fashion show, with elaborate costumed lingerie, extravagant set designs, and music by leading entertainers. Hundreds of celebrities are in attendance every year, making the show a good source for celebrity-watching, and not just fashion-watching. Due to the high fraction of time spent watching beautiful girls with dream bodies and little clothing on those bodies rock the runway, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show attracts a larger male audience than fashion shows can normally be expected to attract.

In the past two decades, The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has gone from being a fairly small event to become a huge public affair that attracts many viewers, both male and female, from across the USA.

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