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Golden Globe Awards Party Weekend

(Jan 7th, Los Angeles, CA)

The Golden Globe Awards are American awards for motion pictures and television programs, given out each year during a formal dinner. Run since 1944 by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the awards are a major part of the film industry's "awards season" which culminates each year with the Oscars and Screen Actors Guild Awards. This is particularly true since 1996, when the HFPA signed a new television broadcast contract with NBC (prior to that, they were aired on TBS, but before the existence of TBS, one of the "big three" commercial networks, i.e. CBS, NBC, or ABC, always broadcast the show). The broadcast of the Golden Globe Awards generally ranks as the third most-watched awards show each year, behind only the Oscars and Grammys, and movie studios actively solicit support from HFPA members and mention nominations and awards in their advertisements. The Golden Globes has grown to one of the highest honors for actors and actresses.

Unlike the Oscars, the Grammys, and the Emmys, the Golden Globe Awards is the only major Hollywood awards ceremony that does not have a regular host, although there is a presenter every year who introduces the ceremony at the beginning of the broadcast.

There are MANY parties following the awards show. Such parties as In Style, Warner Bros, Weinstein, HBO, NBC, FOX, E, Paramount Pictures, Summit and more.

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